Strong Life International

We at Strong life international believe in long term relationships and success that is driven by trust, customer satisfaction, quality, ethical business practices, and the service we provide to our customers.

Our team,  with profound knowledge on Indian spices and agro-products,  has committed itself in providing international quality standards, timely delivery and maintain a strong relationship with customers.

The objective of Strong Life international is to provide quality products from different countries to the home land (Sri Lanka). Our company is willing to import / export necessary resources (Grains, Nuts, Fruits, Tea, FMCG items, detergent, cosmetic etc…) to ensure successful competition in the local and international markets.

  • To make Strong Life International one of the top suppliers of Grains, Tea / blends / nut / FMCG to wholesalers and retailer’s shop in the major metropolitan areas of Sri Lanka.
  • To expand the range of products each year, by introducing at least five new products
  • To achieve quality certification for our business in the coming year.
  • To import / export resources at least 50,000 tons in product in the coming year’s.
  • To achieve an initial gross profit margin of at least 20%, increasing that by at least 1% per year until reaching our final target of 25%.
  • To maintain a solid growth rate of 20% per year for the next five years.

We believe that customer satisfaction is a key to business success. We understand that knowing your customers and their needs will help providing them with the best products and services. We also believe that providing excellent customer service, makes our customers feel valued, and assures them that we stand behind our products.

Our main objective is to make sure that our customers get the best available products and services on the market. We believe that providing quality products and services will create a mutual trust between our company and our valued customers.